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WebGrabber Publisher's Description

WebGrabber is an Internet Browser with an easy navigation list of the URLs within the current WebPage. An URL can be dragged and dropped on the WebPage from immediate browsing to that URL. The ¿WebPage URL List¿Eis for easy navigation of a WebPage, for it lists the URLs in the current WebPage. A single click navigates to the URL. WebGrabber menu includes a favourites list to record up to 25 of your favourite URLs and history list of up to the last 25 URLs navigated to. WebGrabber has an uncluttered toolbar contains navigation and image functions, also a status bar to follow progress. If need be display of these can be turned off and on easily via the menu. A built-in image browser/viewer not only makes the viewing for images from a page easier, but also downloading the images to your computer easier. There is also an automatic generator to download images where the URLs are in a single or double numerical series. As a bonus there is function to capture the current view of the WebPage. It then can be saved as a Bitmap picture file or copied to the clipboard. Progrmam Features: · Web Browser with drag & drop browsing · Easy navigation list · Quick toolbar navigation · Built in history and favourites lists · Screen capture with choice to save or copy to clipboard · Easy to browse images from a WebPage to view individually and choice to save images with ease either current selected, those check marked or all the images in the list · Generate URLs for downloading images where the images are either named in a single numerical series or stored in a numerical folder series and numerical file name series. · Viewer of the main html in the current WebPage · A favourites list to store a total of 25 of your favourite URLs · A history list showing the last 25 URLs navigated to.

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Compatibility: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer The product can be downloaded as well freely from the author's website. Learn more

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